Xiaomi launches Mi Air Purifier 2

Xiaomi launches Mi Air Purifier 2 in India at a staggeringly low Rs 9,999

Xiaomi, in an event in New Delhi today unveiled the Mi Air Purifier 2 for an incredibly low price of Rs 9,999.

The Mi Air Purifier 2 is an intelligent product with smart features that make using it to clean the air simply effortless. It comes with a 360 degree 3 layer filter, real time monitoring and timer schedules via the Mi Home app and4 different modes including auto and manual.

Pollution Crisis in India and China
At the event, Xiaomi VP Hugo Barra talked about the pollution crisis globally, especially in countries like India and China. He talked about how Xiaomi is poised to play a part in increasing awareness about air pollution in India and how technology can be applied to better people’s lives.

On a personal note, he also discussed about his move from USA to China and how he never expected the pollution problem to be this bad.

According to the World Health Organization, 22 of the world’s 50 most polluted cities are in India, contributed significantly by industrial and vehicular exhaust. Particulate matter 2.5 (PM2.5) — air pollutants with a diameter of 2.5 microns or less — are small enough to enter even the smallest airways and could result in respiratory and cardiovascular illness.

New MIUI 8 weather app
To increase awareness about air pollution, Xiaomi has now become the first smartphone brand in India to integrate Air Quality Index (AQI) data — which also reflects the measurement of PM2.5 particles in the air — into its MIUI 8 Weather app.

What are PM 2.5 and PM 10 particles?
PM 10 particles are pollutants which are 10 microns in size, approximately the size of a human Air. They include things such as dust, pollen and mold.

PM2.5 particles are pollutants which are 2.5 microns in size, 1/30th the size of a human hair In fact, they are so fine that they are invisible to the human eye tand can go deep into our lungs and blood stream, causing cause short term and long term health problems.

Mi Air Purifier to the rescue
Mi Air Purifier 2 quickly removes PM2.5 particles, dust, indoor plant pollen, pet fur and more. With its high 310m3/h CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate), Mi Air Purifier 2 takes just 10 minutes to circulate purified air in a 21m2 room.

Extremely quiet and energy efficient
Even so, the motor is extremely energy efficient with a low power consumption of 4.8W, while advanced aerodynamics reduce noise and wind resistance, resulting in a noise level as low as 30dB in Night mode.

360 degree 3 layer filter
The 360° cylindrical filter on Mi Air Purifier 2 takes in air more efficiently from every direction compared to conventional air purifiers. Its triple-layer design removes particles larger than 0.3 microns with a high-density EPA filter, while an activated carbon filter removes formaldehyde, bad odour and other harmful substances.

The life of the filter is around 6 months depending upon usage. Changing the filter is very easy and new filters can be bought on mi.com .

Hugo Barra, Vice President, Xiaomi, said: “Air pollution is becoming an alarming public health concern in India. It is heartening to see more conversation around the situation, but there is still a big gap when it comes to consumer awareness. We believe that we are able to play a role in increasing awareness about air pollution by including AQI data into our MIUI Weather app, and by introducing Mi Air Purifier 2 to India. At this game-changing price, Mi Air Purifier 2 is set to disrupt the air purifier category in India, enabling us to bring these technological innovations to everyone.”

Price and availability
Mi Air Purifier 2 will be available on Mi.com starting 26 September at 12 PM, at a price of INR 9,999. It will also be available on Flipkart (exclusive partner) from 2 October.

New filters cost Rs 2,499 and will also be available via mi.com .

Mi Air Purifier 2 in a nutshell
Here are the key features of the Mi Air purifier 2:

Real-time AQI monitoring, Wi-Fi connectivity
Mi Home app smart controls (Android and iOS)
Aerodynamic air vortex, up to 37m2 (400 sq. ft.) coverage
310m3/h Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)
360° triple-layer filter, removes harmful PM2.5 articles
4.8W energy saving, ultra-quiet 30dB noise level
Compact form factor: 520mm tall and base area smaller than an A4 sheet of paper
Replacement filter available online at INR 2,499

Information from Techradar

PPC optimistic on planned target

PRETORIA Portland Cement (PPC) Zimbabwe says it remains optimistic that its performance will be in line with its planned targets, but expects to close the year lower than 2015 due to economic challenges besetting the country.


PPC Zimbabwe managing director, Kelibone Masiyane, told NewsDay that the company was currently operating under harsh economic conditions which have seen its local sales volumes and exports tumbling in the first half of the year.

“We remain optimistic that our performance will be in line with our planned targets although we expect to close lower than last year,” Masiyane said.

In its provisional results for the six-month period ended March 31 2016, PPC said volumes, including exports, at its Zimbabwean unit went down 22% due to liquidity challenges, increased local competition and lower disposable income.

It said local selling prices for its cement also went down 3%.

As a result, the unit’s contribution to group revenue decreased 4%.

Masiyane said there has been a decline in local sales volumes compared to last year as they continue to operate in a depressed economy.

“This has been further exacerbated by imports from neighbouring countries. Export volumes remain poor due to a higher manufacturing cost base compared to the region as well as the stronger United States dollar against weaker regional currencies thus rendering the company uncompetitive in export markets,” he said.

However, despite harsh economic conditions they are facing, Masiyane said they expect the impact of imports to be reduced in the second half of our financial year as a result of support from government through its various interventions.

Commenting on the company’s performance in the first-half of the year last week, Masiyane said the business was depressed compared to last year.

The PPC boss, however, said good cost control measures had led to impressive declines in production costs and overheads.

The company has cement manufacturing plants at Cementside in Bulawayo and Colleen Bawn in Matabeleland South.

It is currently constructing an $80 million cement plant in Harare, which will have capacity to produce 680 000 tonnes annually.
The Harare project among others in Africa is expected to boost the demand of cement products.

Apart from South Africa and Zimbabwe, PPC also has units in Botswana, Ethiopia and Rwanda.

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