What is Sonic Drilling

“Sonic drilling is an advanced form of drilling which employs the use of high-frequency, resonant energy generated inside the Sonic head to advance a core barrel or casing into subsurface formations. During drilling, the resonant energy is transferred down the drill string to the bit face at various Sonic frequencies.”

“Sonic drilling is easy to use and it is a safe technique to employ when drilling. This technique is cost effective and there is less waste to clear away once the job is done. This type of drilling is also environmentally-friendly and can be completed quickly. Sonic drilling is assisted with a small amount of rotation which enables the drill bit to easily move through the earth regardless of the type of soil or rocks used.”


Sonic drilling can drill through nearly all types of soil and rock.
When using sonic drilling in soil 30m or less, the drilling is quick.
Sonic drilling allows for limited contamination.
Sealed exploratory soil samples can be extracted.
There is less environmental disturbance.
Formation waters can be sampled while using sonic drilling.
Easy to operate.


The process slows down the further down you drill.
The depth of 200 metres is about the maximum depth drilling can go.
Can be expensive.

Sonic – The Buzz –  Is it Profitable to be Environmentally Friendly?

“As media coverage on climate change continues to grow, many drilling
companies are looking for new ways to leave a “smaller footprint” on the

By creating a smaller impact, clients are happier, the environment suffers
less and companies, who take the climate challenge seriously, can feel
good about their style of corporate citizenship.
But is it profitable to also be environmentally friendly? Absolutely, says Ray
Roussy, president of the Sonic Drill Corporation and patent holder of the
revolutionary sonic drill.

“Any time you can drill without any drilling fluids such as mud or water,
you’re able to pocket the costs of site clean-up and waste disposal,” says
Roussy. “And you’re doing wonders for the environment by not having to
haul up and dispose of contaminated drilling fluids.”

While most drilling techniques require some type of drilling fluid, the sonic
drill can core completely dry (to a depth of 300 ft.) and it can case with a
limited amount of fresh water or completely dry, as well, if required.
Ultimately, there is less mess, less site disruption and drastically reduced
site clean-up costs.

“The sonic drill rig can also extrude a core sample into a sealed bag for
examination later in a controlled environment,” says Roussy. “This feature
prevents employees from coming in contact with the core sample and it
minimizes any fumes from escaping from the sample,” he adds.”


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