Tire Dust

So it’s not just our exhausts that cause pollution when we drive, but our tires cause dust too!  See how a few UK student’s have invented something to capture this dust.

Tire Dust

UK Student’s Invention Captures Tire Dust, Promises to Curb Pollution

Source –  News Wheel – By Whitney Russell

“A group of British students known as The Tyre Collective recently won this year’s James Dyson Award for an invention that captures tire dust. (Because apparently car tires, not just their engines, are a major source of pollution.) Here’s what you should know about tire dust and the students’ innovative solution that promises to curb microplastic pollution.

Each year in Europe, vehicles produce half a million tons of tire particles, as the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health confirms. These particles then enter the air and (eventually) water sources, which can cause developmental issues and lung disease in humans. Per Reuters, it’s also the second-largest source of microplastic pollution in the ocean (single-use plastic is the top offender, as you might have guessed).

That’s where The Tyre Collective comes in. Hugo Richardson, one of the members of the team, commented on their winning invention. “Everyone focuses on air pollution being directly from the engines themselves. […] But tire wear is a huge contributor to that. ]…] That’s partly down to its microscopic size and the fact that you don’t obviously see it all the time.”

Per Reuters’, the team’s invention is comprised of a device that fits snugly around the tire’s edges. It captures dust particles at their source by using the wheel’s aerodynamics as well as electrostatics when the vehicle is in motion. In a controlled environment during the testing phase, the team found that this solution can collect 60 percent of all airborne particles that tires emit.

The Tyre Collective’s solution arrives at just the right time as the auto industry continues to shift more toward electric vehicles. Though EVs promise to curb air pollution, their heavier weights (due to heavy electric motors) could lead to an increase in air- and waterborne tire pollution.

The team is currently pursuing a patent for their design. If applied on a global level, this invention promises to help make the air and water a bit cleaner for all of us.”



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