Single Bucket Monitor Units Available – A Comparison

Single Bucket Monitor Units Available – A Comparison

DustWatch 1 - Single sample monitor units -

DustWatch 1 – Single sample monitor units

Text taken from the diagram.

The idea that this was a bird ring came from someone who could not, or would not read a drawing or read the test method document. Such a think does not exist.

A windguard is a requirement to prevent ingress of particulates caused by low density of the ullage space over the liquid content of the bucket.

The classifying windguard selector prevents particulate of a size larger than around 100micron entering the sample bucket. Material greater than 100 micron is not considered dust but rather a grit. This also thus achieves the windguard duty of the ASTM D1739 unit. Units are accepted internationally.

Plain bucket option stand. This does not meet any standard and does not work at all. material up to 1mm can be found in buckets collection using this design.

Standard ASTM D1739 unit with windguard. This works well and is the basic standard. The collection of material over 200micron is unlikely.

DustWatch standard single bucket unit with calssifying windguard to limit upper size particulate capture material over the definition of dust (100 micron).

Reference Drawing: EHE 6411

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