Siberian Gold Mine Dam Collapse

In October there was a gold mine dam collapse in Siberia – see the story below.  Please follow the link provided to read the original article.


15 dead after Siberian gold mine dam collapse, 3 arrested, Russia – Watchers

Posted by Julie Celestial on October 21, 2019

Siberian Gold Mine Dam Collapse

“Heavy rains caused a dam at a gold mine near Shchetinkino, Siberia to burst on October 19, 2019, at 02:00 LT, resulting in at least 15 fatalities, 26 injured, and 13 others missing. Russian authorities have also arrested the head of the mining company along with two other people for allegedly violating regulations.

According to Russia’s health ministry, 14 miners were sent to the hospital including three who were severely injured.

A criminal investigation has been opened after allegations surfaced that the dam violated safety regulations and was built illegally. The arrested suspects were the CEO, the senior manager, and the foreman of the site.

“The hydro-technical facility was self-constructed and, I believe, all rules I can and cannot think of were violated,” head of the Krasnoyarsk regional government Yuri Lapshin said.

President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman said the orders have been sent to authorities to provide aid and examine the factors behind the accident.

Floodwaters also swept several small cabins where workers have stayed.

The mine is located in a remote location about 160 km (100 miles) south of the city of Krasnoyarsk and 4 000 km (2 500 miles) east of Moscow.

Due to the increased water levels from the Seiba River, people are being evacuated from nearby Kuragino village.”


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