Second Largest Diamond Discovered

Second Largest Diamond Discovered

William Lamb, CEO of Lucara Diamond Corp. (TSX:LUC), got an urgent call from his chief operating officer, Paul Day, in Botswana at 1:29 am. Monday morning.

Lamb called him back at 4 a.m.

“He said, ‘Are you sitting down?’” Lamb told Business in Vancouver. “His comment was: ‘Congratulations – you are the CEO of the first company in 100 years to recover a stone over 1,000 carats.’ The fact it hasn’t happened in 100 years, when it does actually happen to you, it’s a bit of a shock.”

The gem quality diamond is 1,111 carats, which makes it the second largest ever discovered.

The largest was the 3,106 carat Cullinan diamond discovered in South Africa in 1905. It was acquired by the British government and gifted to Queen Victoria.

Since then, the largest diamond that had been recovered was 507 carats.

“This one is an order of magnitude larger than that,” Lamb said.

The diamond is 65 millimetres by 56 mm by 40 mm in size. It’s not just large — it is rated as Type IIa stone, which means it has virtually no impurities. Less than 2% of the diamonds in the world are rated Type IIa.

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