Omega Concrete – Ready-Mix Concrete Suppliers

Omega Concrete is a ready-mix concrete supplier in Cape Town.

They are situated centrally at Railway Rd, Woodstock, Cape Town, 7915 making them easily accessible to the larger Cape Town area. Omega Concrete also has a second plant situated in Fisantekraal to service new growth nodes.

Omega Concrete are doing regular fallout dust monitoring and has an aggressive Dust Management Plan in place to mitigate the dust being generated on their site.  Omega Concrete has 6 dedicated personnel to deal with dust and paste at the source. The site is well organised, has concreted areas with green grass in places, and is always kept very neat & tidy.

The Dust Team!

What Is Ready Mix Concrete?

RMC (Ready Mix Concrete) is a mixture of sand, stone, cement, and water which hardens to a stone-like consistency. The concrete is batched according to specifications and then transported in concrete mixers to the construction site.

RMC is a high-quality concrete offering great durability. It is often preferred to concrete mixed on-site because it is made with much more precision in terms of the proportion of ingredients and the increased volume that can be delivered.

A pre-determined mixture stops a lot of construction site confusion and time wastage.

RMC has become the world’s most widely used construction material!


There are many applications for RMC:

  • Civil engineering projects – bridges, roads, tunnels, etc.
  • Pouring foundations – in both large and smaller construction sites
  • Building walls, floors, bases, driveways etc.

Concrete is the ultimate “ chameleon”, it can be any colour, assume any shape, and be designed to any strength. The surface can be smooth and polished or rough and rugged – whatever you can imagine, concrete can deliver!


Volume – when a large job requires a large amount of concrete, you can’t go wrong with RMC.

Time – a lot of time is wasted on-site when you have to mix concrete. RMC saves both time and money by arriving on-site ready to use.

Technical -RMC suppliers have the resources and technical expertise to supply a wide range of mixes

Consistency – If you need a specific concrete texture or if you will need various batches of concrete with exactly the same ratio of ingredients, then RMC is the option that will give you the most consistency.

Space – Saves space on a construction site


Ready-mix concrete is ideal for most construction projects. It is a high-quality product, carefully made and delivered to you ready to be used.

Time and money are important considerations in any project, and RMC will save you both and give you peace of mind knowing that the product you are using will give you the best results.

Contact Omega Concrete to find out more or to place an order – 021 879 1827




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