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Two huge dust storms – one in the US and one in Uzbekistan
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Massive dust storm sweeps through Colorado, Kansas and Nebraska, U.S.
Posted by TW on December 16, 2021
Strong winds caused by a powerful storm moving through the Plains, produced a massive dust storm in eastern Colorado, Kansas and Nebraska on December 15, 2021.
Strong wind gusts in excess of 160 km/h (100 mph) closed roads and knocked out power to more than 200 000 customers in Kansas and Colorado.
Many areas reported blinding dust storm, with zero or near-zero visibility.”
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“The worst dust storm in Uzbekistan’s recorded history
Posted by Teo Blašković on November 9, 2021
A severe dust storm that started in southern Kazakhstan hit parts of Uzbekistan on the evening of November 4, 2021, growing under favorable weather conditions into the worst since the country started keeping meteorological records in 1871. The worst affected were Tashkent and the southern Syrdarya Region, and Kazakhstan’s Turkestan Region.
According to the country’s meteorological service – Uzhydromet, under the influence of gusts of wind, the parched upper layer of soil rose up, creating the effect of a dust and sand haze, with visibility just 100 – 200 m (328 – 656 feet) in a number of districts in the country.1
Volumes of sand and dust that are raised into the air usually disperse and settle on the ground soon after the wind drops but in this case, a mass of cold air prevented this from happening.
Instead, an inversion layer formed, in which temperatures stop falling with elevation but rise instead.
This created a dust haze, a phenomenon unusual for the region.”
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