Dust Problems in Sun Valley Cape Town

Call for a better plan to manage dust fall

The Sun Valley Area is undergoing significant construction activity and road works.

Dust management plans to control the dust are important for all interested parties.

The lack of water is a challenge and the use of Chryso Eco Dust 200D can decrease the amount of water required to control the dust in an area.

Ligno Sulphate Information Chryso Eco Dust 200D

DustWatch can provide quotations for this product if required and also provide advice on optimized application for different area requirements.  Gravel Roads, Haul Roads, Unpaved open areas, Stockpiles and Berms.  On site advice is available for site specific requirements and optimization.

The application spreadsheet is available here if required.

Eco Dust 200D application

Eco Dust 200D application

Please contact DustWatch for more information.  Chris@dustwatch.com


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