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DustWatch cc (www.dustwatch.com) is in a battle to combat dust hazards.

In response to that we conduct numerous fallout dust monitoring training courses in Cape Town and Pretoria, South Africa. At the end of the course, trainees receive certificates of recognition to acknowledge the skills they acquired during the training.

Previously DustWatch cc was at Greenmined Environmental – office 36 Baker Square Block One, De Beers Avenuewww.avenuesguesthouse.co.zawww.avenuesguesthouse.co.za, Paardvlei, Somerset West, Cape Town, South Africa.  DustWatch cc conducted a 3 day training course from the 13th of June to the 15th of June 2017.

Greenmined Environmental Consultancy is a company based in Cape Town that offers environmental services including Environmental Impact Management and ECO Services, Legal Audits, Mine Impact Management (Mine Administration/Permit and Rights Applications / Environmental Closure Plan), Water Management- Authorisation Applications & Compliance, Water & Dust Monitoring and GIS Support.

Three (3) training courses have been conducted this year – two in Pretoria and one in Cape Town . A total of 4 personnel attended the training: Muechellin, Jemma, Vuyo and Sibusiswe.
Sibusiswe and Vuyo attended the training at no cost as they are students taken in as part of a mentoring program.







 Figure 1: Trainees who attended the fallout dust monitoring course









Figure 2: Table of trainees









Figure 3: Mr. Chris Loans (Director of DustWatch cc) excited to deliver the content, with Vuyo filtering dust.

Summary of the training from the 13th June – 15th of June is as follows:

The training kick-started on Tuesday 13th of June 2017 with theoretical presentation by Mr. Christopher Loans (Managing Director of DustWatch cc). The theory was about fallout dust and how to collect it, Settling Velocity and shape of dust particles, Calculating fallout dust monitoring results, trace elements analysis, as well as South African Legislation interpretation.

Wednesday the 14th of June 2017 was a practical day where trainees practiced changing DustWatch Buckets units, Basic Operational Use of the DustWatch Units, Filtering water from the buckets and collecting dust on filters for further analysis.









Figure 3: DustWatch Single Bucket Unit used for dust fallout collection.

The last day, Thursday the 15th of June was about learning to write Fallout Dust Reports and laboratorial procedures for data capture. An assessment test was written and all trainees passed with excellent results.

 Gallery of the training

Dust Monitoring Training Course







Mentored students excited in the training








Greenmined Environmental contact details








Trainees writing the assessment test



DustWatch CC – Precipitant Dust Monitoring
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Please do not hesitate to contact me regarding any queries.

Chris Loans

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