Dust Control

Here is an interesting article on the controlling of dust.  It is quite intensive so only a brief portion has been posted below.  Please follow the link to read the full article.


Dust Control – Science Direct

“Handbook of Conveying and Handling of Particulate Solids
M.E. Fayed, in Handbook of Powder Technology, 2001

5.1 Technology
The solution of a dust control problem should be handled as an engineering problem. The successful solution of a dust control problem is achieved through knowledge and experience. The knowledge is not only related to the dust control methods and devices but also to the process in which the material is handled. The experience is usually gained in a specific industry in which the person is employed. For example the dust control in pharmaceutical and mining industries is a different experience. The experience may vary even between companies in the same industry.

The control of dust in powder handling and processing operations should not be treated as an isolated design problem. The solution of a dust control problem should include a thorough analysis of the parameters associated with the handled material, the main process and dust control equipment with the goal to achieve optimum results. Knowledge and experience are the most invaluable assets not only because they help achieve optimum solutions but also they maintain the interest and enthusiasm of company personnel committed to a long-term solution of any dust control problem.”


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