Chryso are suppliers of emulsified dust lubrication systems that aid in the coalescing, stablisation and suppression of rising dust particles and spores.


DustWatch can provide quotations for this product if required and also provide advice on optimized application for different area requirements. Gravel Roads, Haul Roads, Unpaved open areas, Stockpiles and Berms. On site advice is available for site specific requirements and optimization.

Chryso Eco Dust 200D

Chryso have a range of environmentally friendly products that can be used, and the recommended usage of one of these products, the ECO Dust 200 D, is shown below.

Eco Dust 200 D

The following are typical areas where our product can be used:
Open exposed areas
Gravel roads
Farm roads
Gravel airstrips
Quarry roads
Stockpile dumps
Mine dumps

General Application Guidelines

1 litre of solution per m2 is used to apply the product to the area
Note that the 100% solution works well for sealing a stockpile or an exposed surface, provided the liquid can mix slightly with the top layer of material and be distributed evenly.
A 43% solution also works well to seal off a stockpile or open exposed area, but more quantity of solution is needed per area, but the same amount of product. So that concentration should depend on how much water is needed to make the product bind with the surface layer of the stockpile or exposed surface. Runoff of the product during application should be prevented.
The mixing with the top layer of the surface is required to keep it in place on a sloped surface, and also provides additional stabilisation as the top layer is less likely to slide down.
The use of the product on a road at any percentage requires the surface to be compacted to achieve the mixing with the top layer. Vehicles travelling regularly will achieve this. The smoother the road the better as this prevent pooling of the solution in parts of the road.
When vehicles travel on the road, the whole road should be used, to prevent the middle of the road not being compacted and resulting in loose material.
Planned roadways will enable the product to be used efficiently.
Walkways should also be clearly demarcated to enable exposed areas to remain undisturbed after the application of the product.
Application Method for Regular Maintenance to decrease road dust significantly

Four applications at 15% in one day and one application per day thereafter at 5% solution. Application rate of 1 litre of solution per m2.

Long term application. (30 days or more)

Application of 85% solution at 1 litre per m2. This is a once off application and can last up to 90 days.

Factors that will influence the intervals between maintenance applications and life time of the surface:

Quality of base material
Climate conditions
Volumes and type of traffic


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