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Make mine water usable

Contaminated water from closed and abandoned mines impacts tens of thousands of stream miles. But what if these waters could be turned into an asset instead of a liability? New remediation options could significantly reduce the risk of accidental releases and even make mine water usable for fracking and other industrial processes. Read more


African Mine a Dream

Guinea is home to some of the richest and easily exploitable iron ore fields outside of Australia’s Pilbara region and top producer Vale’s Brazilian home base.

In May last year, the Guinea government and Rio Tinto (LON:RIO) and its partners – China’s Chalco together with the World Bank – inked a game-changing $20 billion deal for the southern section of the Simandou iron deposit.  Read more


Things I have learned…

Information about particle sizes has changed over the years and new information is shedding concern on the smaller particle sizes doing more damage than once thought. Small particles less than 1 micron (um) fall slowly and can take days to years to settle out of a quiet atmosphere; or may never settle out in a turbulent atmosphere. Small particles can include viruses, small bacteria, metallurgical fumes, soot, oil smoke, tobacco smoke, clay, and fumes.

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McDonald’s Big Mac

Infographic claims to show what happens to the body one hour after eating a McDonald’s Big Mac. More…..