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Tiny particles delay study of coal port proposal

They are so small you can’t see them in the air — but you inhale them, and they can go to your lungs and even your bloodstream. They come from many sources, but among them are diesel train engines and coal in trains or storage piles.

Doctors worry about them, researchers study them, and now the microscopic critters — called Diesel Particulate Matter, or DPMs — are delaying the finish of a lengthy environmental assessment of a giant coal-export terminal proposed for Cherry Point in Whatcom County.


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Coal Train - Diesel Particulate Matter

Coal Train

Controlling on–site construction dust

The results of a recent survey conducted by IOSH and the Construction Dust Partnership (CDP) indicates that only 17 per cent of respondents felt that workers were involved in discussions about dust-related risks, and less than 3 per cent felt that workers were fully aware of the risks associated with construction dust.  Read more….


on–site construction dust

on–site construction dust