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Beware the Danger of Dust in Electric Motors



It is important to check the condition and normal operations of your electric motors. Keep in mind that in any types of industry, there are always hazards that can trigger issues in the performance of electric motors such as dust, moisture, and intense heat. In particular, there are very small particles of dust in the air at all times, and these can get inside your electric motor and lead to damages. Read more……..

Dustfall Training

Dustfall Training in Cape Town. Theory and practical training. Course can also include other adhoc topics if required. Contact Chris on 082 875 0209 or for more information.
Address for training is 17 Mauritius Crescent, Capri Village, 7975.

Four Bucket DustWatch unit

Four Bucket DustWatch unit

Protect kids from toxic lead exposure

The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) today released new guidelines aimed at reducing children’s harmful exposure to lead. Soil, dust, water and air-based exposure to lead can interfere with the development of the nervous systems and cause behavioural and developmental problems.  Read more…….

Bladeless wind turbines shake to generate electricity

Bladeless wind turbines – “Farms dotted with the gigantic spinning blades of wind turbines have become a standard sight on long-distance road trips, but what if there was another way to capture energy from the wind? A startup out of Spain is working on that very idea. The company’s called Vortex Bladeless, and its turbines look like stalks of asparagus poking out of the ground.” Read more………

South Africa gold companies face massive lung disease suit

Lung disease suit – Hundreds of thousands of workers are suing 32 mining companies, including some of the world’s leading gold producers in South Africa’s high court.  Read more….



Clearing the Air

Clearing the Air.


Water has long been the go-to ingredient for controlling fugitive dust from haulage and other mine operations. Its increasing scarcity and cost could open a path for other, more cost-efficient types of dust-suppression products and methods.  Read more…….



Flights to Chiang Mai disrupted as smog levels soar in North

HAZY DAYS An AirAsia plane parks at Chiang Mai Airport yesterday in poor visibility caused by smog that has blanketed the North in recent weeks. Some flights to Chiang Mai were delayed while others were cancelled or diverted to Chiang Rai.   Read more



Beijing to Upgrade Green Belts to Combat PM2.5

This year, Beijing plans to upgrade some of the city’s green belts with plants that have strong dust retention ability, in an effort to combat PM2.5 and improve air quality.   Read more

Why each truck injects a toxic dose into the night

Why each truck injects a toxic dose into the night

Experts said that without uniform fuel standards, trucks with national permits will continue to use cheaper, poor quality diesel.  Read more



Risky Breathing

Risky Breathing – In the past week citizens of Skopje read and hear a lot on the air quality in their city. Experts and environmentalists are familiar with the air pollution and the cause of it. Although, what means an increase of air pollution and how it is measured?

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