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lycopodium dust flame

A parametric study of lycopodium dust flame (pdf) | Paperity.   

Monitoring on the move

In line with the theme of the AQE Show’s Demonstration Arena, Air Monitors presence at the event will be dominated by a ‘Monitoring on the move’ theme.     Read more…..


Four Bucket DustWatch unit

Four Bucket DustWatch unit

More Iron Range miners stricken with rare lung cancer

“Minnesota health researchers say a rare, deadly cancer has struck 21 additional Iron Range miners, making a total of 101 workers afflicted in the state’s iron ore industry.

The victims, most of whom have died, suffered from a cancer called mesothelioma that affects the lining of the lungs and other organs. It is linked to exposure to asbestos, and research has shown that Minnesota taconite workers get the disease at 2.4 times the rate expected under normal circumstances.”  More…….

Delhi Schoolchildren Exposed to Very Unhealthy Air

The air inside Delhi schools is “very unhealthy” and could affect lung functioning resulting in respiratory illness among children, Greenpeace India said Monday.   Read more……..


If You’re Moving Dirt, You Need to Control Your Dust

Catch 22: “If You’re Moving Dirt, You Need to Control Your Dust” (But Don’t Use Potable Water!)

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