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Poland with most polluted air in EU?

The European Commission has sent an opinion to the Polish government claiming that air quality in the country infringes EU law.



Protests erupt in Goa tribal village against illegal mining

In the tribal village of Cauvrem in South Goa, now people meet more often to decide their strategy against mining trucks, which are operating illegally in the locality resulting in destruction of paddy and chilly cultivation.

Protests have erupted in this village located 60 kms away from Panaji, the latest protest being on Saturday when 95 villagers were placed under arrest for blocking traffic.       Read More


Dangerous Respirable Dust

Airborne Dust From Cultivation – Health effects of breathing dust can be major. When inhaled, small dust particles can travel easily to the deep parts of the lungs and may remain there, causing respiratory illness…………..


Four Bucket DustWatch unit

Four Bucket DustWatch unit


Chemical and Mineralogy Characteristics of Dust Collected Near the Phosphate Mining Basin of Gafsa

The study aimed at chemical and mineralogical characterization of whole particulate matter (PM) in the vicinity of a mining phosphate basin at urban area in Gafsa.  Read more……….


Four Bucket DustWatch unit

Four Bucket DustWatch unit