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Asbestos Scare in U.S. Capitol is a reminder of America’s failure to act

On 10 July 2014, just one week before our Asbestos Senate Staff Briefing, the U.S. Capitol building staff were forced to temporarily quarantine the House side because of an “asbestos-related incident.”

What a huge wake-up call for asbestos awareness – the sole purpose of our briefing.

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Mandalay Resources Corporation

Mandalay Resources Corporation (“Mandalay”) (TSX: MND) announced today that an independent scientific report by Golder Associates, commissioned by the government of the State of Victoria in response to community concerns about exposure to antimony in the area and its potential impact on human health, has found levels of antimony in the environment that are elevated, but well below those that are likely to cause adverse health effects for local residents.  Read more about the report.

Sizing of particles

Several different ways can be defined to measure a particle. According the ISO 14644-3 the manufacturer is allowed to define his own system of measuring. The PDM system uses a method of measuring widely used in machine vision. Airborne particle counters have a way of measuring the size equivalent to the polystyrene latex sphere (PSL) particle. Airborne particle counters use this method as the PSL’s are used as well in their calibration method and because it fits better the sensor type used. See full article.

An example of how long legislative proceedings can drag on for.



An example of how long legislative proceedings can drag on for.


Ridiculous redactions by the Labor Dept’s mine safety agency

They wanted to keep these words secret:

“two” …..  “two miner operators” …….”worn by the miners. Both”   …….“right miner”   …….“left miner”

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