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More than 1000 workers a year could die due to inadequate silica safeguards

…according to research by University of Stirling academics. Respirable crystalline silica is a dust created during work operations involving stone, rock, concrete, brick, mortar, plaster and industrial sand…



RBCA air study results released

The Resurrection Bay Conservation Alliance, Community Action Against Toxins and Global Community Monitoring, released the results of their collaborative air quality testing study last week.  Read Article


Fog Dust Suppression


Fog Dust Suppression

Occupational hygiene: protecting the health of workers

The discipline and practice of occupational hygiene is one of the oldest within the OH arena………. read more.


Improved Dust Control for Off-Highway Dump Trucks

Improved Dust Control for Off-Highway Dump Trucks

Another great idea.

Feedlot Dust Suppression Control with Nelson Irrigation Big Guns


Feedlot Dust Suppression Control with Nelson Irrigation Big Guns

Birth cohort study on the effects of desert dust exposure on children’s health

his 4-year birth cohort study began in 2011 as an adjunct study of the Japan Environment & Children’s Study (JECS) involving three regions: Kyoto, Toyama and Tottori.  More….

Industrial Hygiene

Industrial Hygiene: How to protect workers from everyday hazards
// environmental dust monitoring

…work, see how to reduce coal dust in mines and assess the smoke exposure of firefighters.” Using mathematical equations, environmental monitoring and analytical methods to detect the extent of worker exposure…

Mandalay Resources Comments on Independent Report on Antimony Exposure in Costerfield, Australia

Mandalay Resources Corporation (“Mandalay”) (TSX: MND) announced today that an independent scientific report by Golder Associates, commissioned by the government of the State of Victoria in response to community concerns about exposure to antimony in the area and its potential impact on human health,

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MSHA Releases Additional FAQs on Respirable Dust Rule

The agency released a robust FAQ section regarding the recent respirable dust rule’s medical examination requirements.

The Mine Safety and Health Administration has updated its set of Frequently Asked Questions on the Respirable Dust Rule. The recent updates include more questions and answers regarding medical examination requirements. Below are a handful of the new FAQs: read more….