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Respirable Dust Measurements on a Bus

Query regarding respirable dust levels on a bus travelling on a dirt road.

Question: Can it be possible to come and measure dust particles in a moving bus on the outskits of a city and what are the costs implications. Can the test results be accepted as proof of dust particles found in a bus moving in a gravel road.

We want the test to be conducted so as to force government to tar our roads in the rural areas.

Answer: The sampling required for this will be gravimetric dust sampling which uses a small pump and a cyclone.

Normally the pumps are used to determine an eight hour time weighted average and then compared to Occupational Exposure levels (OELs). It will be important to know how long the people spend on the bus each day.

It will also be important to keep the variables of speed and windows opened or closed consistent during comparative samples. Recent rainfall and the amount of other vehicles using the road will also have to be taken into account when comparing readings.

The results though from the pumps will be able to indicate whether the respirable dust levels are above the OEL for the time that the passengers are on the bus and this can be used to motivate for tarring if the results are above the OEL.

I did some internet research to find some information on similar tests but nothing suitable was found. Many mines do respirable dust sampling within haul trucks and other vehicles but then these vehicles often have air conditioners and their windows are kept closed. They are also designed to keep the dust out. Visit our facebook page via our website for more information.

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