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Wind Erosion – Well Described

Types and causes of wind erosion is explained.
by M&M Divide RC&D

Here’s what wind power looked like in 1951

Technology has come a long way in 60 years.

Wind Erosion by Max F

Wind erosion starts by wind pushing rock and sand off of other stuff creating cool things like arches and canyons.

Wind erosion usually takes a long time, but my model goes faster.

Erosion is also caused by water, ice and tectonic plates shifting.

Saltation is a type of wind erosion. It is where small rocks get thrown by the wind. Suspension is when wind pushes the sand into the air up high. Creep is where big rocks get pushed but stay on the ground.

My project shows suspension, creep, and saltation.

As you watch the video you will see suspension of very fine dust particles, saltation of larger pieces, and creep of even larger rocks.

We also see bigger rocks settling as the sand moves out from under it. It’s also interesting to see how the wind shapes the sand based on where the larger rocks have settled.

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